Trail indicators are updated when conditions change. Ride at your own risk and within your abilities. Helmets are strongly recommended.

Stonehenge & Posthole
Cemetery Hill
Bullwhip & Hickory Smoked
Dynamite Rd
Three Ravines
Gravity Cavity & One Day
Psychopath & Turf
Campground & Grass Hill
Stone House

Check MTB Project for maps and trail descriptions.
  • Enjoy
    Neil Barnish, Jul 30th, 11:03am
Upper Canal
Lower Canal

  • Enjoy
    Neil Barnish, Jul 30th, 11:03am
  • It’s reported that it’s hero dirt!
    Robert Shelton, Jul 30th, 9:01am
  • Weekend looks awesome for jumping. Full face helmet highly recommended especially for newer jumpers or when trying to level Up.
    Ed Tanhueco, Jul 30th, 5:41pm
  • Early morning storms, please wait for an update
    Neil Barnish, Jul 28th, 5:00am
  • Looks like the storms just missed
    Neil Barnish, Jul 28th, 5:13am