Stonehenge & Posthole
Cemetery Hill
Bullwhip & Hickory Smoked
Dynamite Rd
Three Ravines
Gravity Cavity & One Day
Psychopath & Turf
Campground & Grass Hill
Stone House

  • Week of Jan 27: trails should be rideable just about every morning this week. Watch out for ice and please exit if you're leaving a rut.
    Neil Barnish, Jan 27th, 6:49am
  • Too warm, too wet, too soon in the winter for this nonsense weather...
    Neil Barnish, Jan 24th, 6:34am
  • Ice under snow, studs strongly recommended. Don't be that person that messes up the trail for everybody else.
    Neil Barnish, Jan 23rd, 8:04am
  • Good luck getting to Palos. 95th street west of 104th ave closed as is archer and 107th street west of 104th ave due to flooding. Multitrack is pure ice.
    James Miller, Jan 21st, 4:40pm
  • Watch for ice. It'll be a wee bit chilly tomorrow.
    Neil Barnish, Jan 18th, 5:17pm
  • Ride when frozen. They are good Sunday afternoon
    Michael Angus, Jan 26th, 1:08pm
  • Trails are too wet under the snow
    Michael Angus, Jan 25th, 7:32am