Trail indicators are updated when conditions change. Ride at your own risk and within your abilities. Helmets are strongly recommended.

Stonehenge & Posthole
Cemetery Hill
Bullwhip & Hickory Smoked
Dynamite Rd
Three Ravines
Gravity Cavity & One Day
Psychopath & Turf
Campground & Grass Hill
Stone House

Check MTB Project for maps and trail descriptions.
  • We just hit the freezing point overnight. Trails may have some slime.
    Neil Barnish, Dec 4th, 5:58am
Upper Canal
Lower Canal

  • Lower canal CLOSED between 104th Avenue and the west end of Saganashkee Slough until further notice, at the request of FPCC. Please keep off - thank you.
    Neil Barnish, Dec 4th, 5:58am
  • Freeze thaw conditions for next few weeks - ride early - will be muddy mess after 9 am daily…
    Robert Shelton, Nov 19th, 12:49pm
  • Saturday looks great. Get some before Sundays snow.
    Ed Tanhueco, Dec 3rd, 11:12pm
  • Should be okay today.
    Greg Bollinger, Dec 2nd, 12:05pm
  • Back to the freeze-thaw cycle. Ride early when trails are still frozen. 25° and sunny means soft trails and damage.
    Neil Barnish, Nov 21st, 8:12pm
  • Trail is not officially open. Still waiting for signage and creek crossings. Ride at your own risk.
    Michael Angus, Nov 24th, 10:28am